Choosing candle wicks - an overview




  • Marie Temporal

    Hi Joan,

    That isn't really a question I can answer.  The way a candle wick performs will depend on the wax/oil blend you are trying to wick and the following wick factors:

    • Yield (i.e. how many metres of wick are in 1kg.  The smaller the number, the more powerful the wick)
    • Chemical Treatment
    • Construction (i.e. cores, braiding technique/pattern, support material (cotton, paper, linen etc))

    I usually start with Yield.  If you open the wick configurator tool from Wedo and click a particular wick, you will get more information on it. 

    The 'Yield' determines the power, so it is a good idea to use this initially to find the right amount of power for a particular size of container.  You may need to try several wicks of similar Yield to find the one that burns with the least clubbing or smoking, or that self-trims the best.

    We usually do a slab test with a new wax/oil blend and start with the biggest wick in each wick family.  If the wick smokes badly, we remove it and insert the next biggest one from the same series.  Eventually, you will have a list of 'maximum' wick sizes for each wick family.  (I.e. ECO4, Stabilo 7, CL 6, VRL 9...).  Then it is just a case of choosing the one(s) with the best flame and least clubbing, downsizing until you wick your vessel.

    It can take a while, but the Slab Test is a must.  Skipping this stage will lead to a lot of frustration.  Oh, and when you do burn test in the actual vessel, always do at least 3 candles as a confirmation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Joan campbell

    I am using soy wax and the configuration tool has given me a choice of wicks. For my 6cm glass jars. What is the performance difference between say Stabilo 10 and Stabilo 12. And the others. 

    Stabilo 12




    and v12


    joan campbell


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